Fall In Vermont

Have you ever felt a love so true that it made you weep? Has your heart ever yearned for something that you knew you couldn’t have? Have you ever experienced unrequited love so pure that you risked everything to make that love a reality?

Kim and Scott are two very similar people who are brought together by fate but pulled apart by circumstances. Yet, somehow, they commit to making it work for them.

Love abounds in my newest novel of two lovers who have no choice but to turn their backs on love – except for their time in Vermont.

Each character has their own lives, their own trials and tribulations that they must face on a daily basis. But when they meet for the first time in Vermont, they make a promise to each other that will last through the years.

With the beautiful, colourful, warm backdrop of Vermont during autumn, Kim and Scott rekindle their love over and over each year, fulfilling their heart-to-heart promise of love.

Will a yearly rendezvous be enough to sustain their love of a lifetime or will they eventually succumb to the daily grind of life and give up on their promise to each other?

Fall In Vermont is my newest novel of love, life, commitment, and promises. And facing the ultimate decisions that could lead to the the ultimate happiness…


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