Write Life 4.2

…After explaining the situation to my sister, she was more than excited to take Jordan for a few days. After we got through a discussion about Jordan’s school and extra curricular responsibilities, my sister wanted to know everything we had planned for our trip to Toronto, Ontario.

I told her that I was going on the trip with an open mind and I wasn’t going to expect too much because I understood that the conference was the entire reason we were going to be there. I didn’t make any definite plans because I knew Cal would be busy while we were away together. My only hope was that Cal and I would get some time alone to just be together for a little while. In my mind, I knew that this trip would either make us or break us.

The day before our flight, with Jordan safely at his aunt’s house, I was out running errands when Cal texted me.

Cal: Hey Babe. What clothes should I bring? I figured you would know Canadian winters better than I would.

I chuckled to myself while looking at winter jackets in Burberry.

Brynn: Make sure you pack sweaters, a winter jacket, and a warm pair of boots.

Cal: BOOTS?! I don’t even OWN boots! Damn.

Brynn: Are you busy right now? I’m out doing some running around before our trip – want to meet me in Center City to go shopping for boots?

Cal: I’ll be there in 20 mins!

Half an hour later we were in line to get coffee and discussing what he already had in his closet.

“Should I bring shorts?” Cal shrugged innocently.

I chuckled quietly. “Unless they have a pool, leave the shorts at home.”

“How many sweaters should I bring?”

“How often will we be leaving the hotel?” I asked, calculating our potential plans in my mind.

“Probably once or maybe twice.”

I considered the idea for a moment before replying. “Bring a sweater for each time we leave the hotel. Layerying a sweater under your winter jacket will keep you nice and warm.”

Cal was lost in thought for a minute. When I looked at him quizzically, he wrinkled his forehead with worry written all over his face and said, “I think I may need to buy a winter jacket as well.”

I laughed out loud as we walked up to the counter to order our coffees.

An hour later, Cal was prepared for our trip to Canada after we bought him a down-filled winter jacket, two new sweaters, and his first pair of Sorel winter boots.

After I stocked up on mitts, toque, and a scarf from Kate Spade, Cal and I gave each other a kiss before going our separate ways until we caught our flight the following morning.

As he held me in his arms for a moment, he whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait to spend time away with you.”

I thought about it for a minute and replied, “I think we should start our little holiday early – stay with me tonight.”

I looked into his eyes to see sadness and regret. “I can’t. Ariana’s with me again tonight.”

I was disappointed but I understood his situation. Being a single parent was never easy. I attempted to smile and nod as though it didn’t bother me. Besides, I reasoned to myself, he would be all mine for a few days after that night…

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