On The Move


It’s true, after almost fifteen years in our wonderful little house, we’re on the move. 

We started looking at houses a few weeks back and found a couple of houses that we were interested in, but nothing that really stood out to me. And then, about two weeks ago, the perfect house for us fell into our laps. We talked to the owners, fell in love with the house and the area, and decided to actively work towards selling our own house in hopes of purchasing this new one. 

The new house is perfect for our little family. It has more square footage for our growing family, more bedrooms to open up for impending guests, a good yard that I can spend my time in, and it’s in a perfect location so that I’m closer to my son’s school. We also found a park with a spray pool in summer and a rink in winter down the street and it’s close to a lot of my sons friends. I believe we would be very happy in this new house. 

For two weeks, we have been run off our feet trying to get our little house prepared to sell. It’s been a battle from moment to moment because one small job turns into three more while we wash and clean and pack. But we’re making progress and this house has never looked better. Luckily, the weather has been good and we’ve been able to do yard work, which is one of the major selling points of my house. I love this yard. I’m proud of the work we’ve put into it over the years, and I hope that whomever buys this house will enjoy the yard as much as I have. 

I have to admit, I’ll miss this house. It’s been my haven for so long that imagining myself somewhere else is almost unthinkable. I have spent every moment of peace and happiness here and it will be hard to leave. My only hope is that someone else will be able to make magical memories here just as I have. 

When we first moved into this house, many years ago, everything was original from the 70s. Over time, Hubster and I have renovated it, room by room, to make it our own. We have put love, care, and compassion into every corner of this house to personalize it and make it work for us. From the flooring in the kitchen (which I remember was a fun night of installation until 2am!) to the custom cupboards in the main bathroom (my own choice of stain, coffee bean mocha!), this house was an adventure every step of the way. 

This little house has been good to us. When everyone else was dealing with flood damage a few years back, our house stood tall and proud, keeping us safe and dry. During early spring wind storms, when other houses siding and shingles were flapping away in the breeze, our little house stood its ground and protected us. Our house has never failed us. 

From my sons first trip home from the hospital to his first hockey practice, our house has been here to see it all. It will be an emotional day for me when we leave. A part of me will always be here. I built a life here and this house has been the catalyst to my happiness. 

My life has blossomed here. I only hope that someone else can find contentment and joy in this house as I have. 


My Struggle To Write 


I struggle. Every day.

I am constantly walking a tightrope of morality. And I’m destine to fall. On one side is the fall of the human condition which is otherwise known as the truth, on the other side is the risk of pretentiousness and not being true to myself. I really don’t know which fate is worse. And that’s why I haven’t been able to write as much as I’ve wanted to lately.

I was once called “courageous” by someone who means a lot in my life. But, in moments like this, I wonder if she was right. I don’t feel courageous. I feel like a coward, hidden behind a mask of independence and stoicism, while inside my mind is a whirlwind of anxiousness and fear.

What am I afraid of? Rejection? No. Pissing people off? No. Being banished from the lives of people who love me? No.

I’m afraid of disappointing myself.