Novel Update

*deep refreshing exhale and a lazy smile*

I needed a break from my writing and I thought I’d update on the progress of my newest novel.

My World is coming along nicely. I finally feel as though the wave of creativity is allowing me to flow freely and productively. I’m about a third of the way through writing the first rough draft and it’s been a slow progress because I had jumped back and forth between writing two different novels. I’m happy to have picked this one.

The plot is simple, yet interesting. The characters are good people with natural flaws, who, I hope, will overcome their inner demons. The underlying theme of the novel is relatable and I’m sure everyone will be able to sympathize with the plight of Sienna and Aiden as they make their way through the complexities of each of their lives.

Maybe, in my next update, I’ll introduce you to them so you can see for yourselves who they really are. I hope you like them because I do!


My World

Here it is, the story line that many have been asking about…

My World

Sienna Jones had it all – fame, fortune, and the love of her life.

Losing it all, and realizing just how important family truly is, Sienna moves back to the town where she grew up to be closer to those she loves.

When a new man walks into her life, she hesitates. Will fear of her past haunt her forever or will he help Sienna to help herself get past the losses that anchor her?

From the glitz and glamor of Los Angeles to the grassroots town that she calls home, Sienna is about to be faced with the biggest challenges of her life – challenges of the heart.